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Members of The Loop are surprised to discover the wide range of benefits provided by district heating. Although the technologies have existed within Rochester for over one hundred years, the benefits and importance of a locally based steam heat service has just recently started to gain mind share, especially due to the benefits of membership based on economic changes and price fluctuations in the global fuel industry. So what exactly is district heating and how will it help organizations to save money while promoting clean energy?

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About RDH - District Heating Facts
District Heating in The Loop

District heating is the distribution of heat from a local central location to meet the needs of customers within a municipality. RDH operates a steam generation facility that provides steam heat to all members of The Loop within downtown Rochester, eliminating the need for on-site boiler systems and maintenance personnel. District heating operates at higher efficiencies and with better pollution control than traditional boilers or coal-burning facilities allowing RDH to promote a cleaner Rochester while keeping service costs down for all members.

Steam Heating Provides Reliability in The Loop

RDH distributes steam heating service throughout an advanced network of piping underneath the City of Rochester. This foundation allows members to connect to the RDH heating network without the need for on-site equipment. Steam heat provided in The Loop is always reliable with virtually no downtime due to the fact that all heat is generated at one central facility that is maintained around the clock by licensed professional technicians. RDH is proud to boast an unblemished track record of consistent heating service throughout its history.

Financial Benefits of Membership

District heating requires no on-site apparatuses because all heat is generated centrally at RDH's clean-burning facility. Monthly heating costs are also consistently lower and more stable with RDH than competing energy operations due to the fact that district heat is less susceptible to fluctuations in both heating demand and economic uncertainties. Membership in The Loop provides both short-term and long-term cost savings that are unmatched in the local marketplace.

Get Rid of the Boiler

The utilization of a district heating service eliminates the need for expensive on-site boiler systems. All associated costs with maintaining and insuring a boiler can be utilized elsewhere and members can re-allocate maintenance staffs. Members no longer need to worry about depreciating equipment value and high insurance risk one they are in The Loop.

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