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What is District Heating?

District heating has become a popular alternative worldwide to on-site boiler and furnace installations as well as 'big energy' supplied service due to the community-friendly nature of the technology. By utilizing advanced steam generation equipment within a modern centralized heat production facility, RDH provides Rochester with an 'always-on' distribution of clean heat regardless of fluctuations in demand or the economy.

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About RDH - Our History
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Rochester District Heating (RDH) is a not-for-profit cooperative that provides the City of Rochester with cost-saving, steam-based district heating services. RDH refers to its group of members as The Loop simply because one of Rochester's unique landmarks helps define its service - the city's Inner Loop expressway provides almost an exact boundary for RDH availability.

The Rochester District Heating Cooperative is the result of a team of visionary professionals who sought to create a not-for-profit organization with admirable goals in providing affordable yet environmentally friendly heating service to the growing City of Rochester. By the year 1985, the Rochester District Heating Cooperative was formed with members representing a broad range of disciplines from private industry, local government and non-profit organizations.

A professional team of licensed engineers helped to develop a generation facility that followed cleaner standards than the more common, traditional coal-burning energy plants. The team successfully re-engineered Rochester's reliable century-old heating infrastructure into a foundation for providing a cost-effective solution to the demanding future heating needs of the growing city. RDH realized its vision by completing what is now Rochester's only district heating production facility that proudly boasts a staff of around-the-clock technicians who help to provide always-on, no-downtime operation.

Over the years, RDH has accumulated an impressive list of members who realize the benefits of being part of The Loop. Educational institutions, hospitals, public and private organizations, local businesses and even residential sites all enjoy the low-cost membership benefits of RDH Rochester's only not-for-profit tax-exempt heating cooperative.

RDH membership allows for reductions in both short-term and long-term expenses by eliminating the need for on-site heat production systems. The cooperative ownership of the RDH organization provides each member of The Loop a voice in the most important aspects of service.

Get in The Loop today and start realizing the benefits of heating services at consistently affordable prices.

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