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Getting in The Loop is an easy way to immediately start saving money on heating. But the benefits of membership do not stop there. Explore the following pages to discover the vast array of benefits that all members receive!

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Membership Information - How to Join the Loop

Getting in The Loop is easy. RDH’s knowledgeable team of energy experts will provide a complimentary consultation to ensure that every potential member is ready to realize the full benefits of district heating service. Contact RDH today to receive:

  • An RDH "Get in The Loop" service presentation
  • A comprehensive on-site review of current system and infrastructure
  • A detailed cost comparison analysis of your current system and The Loop service
  • A start-up plan for membership and hook-up into The Loop


It couldn’t be easier to start saving money on heating costs. Contact RDH today to get in The Loop!

Call us at 585-546-8890 or e-mail us at:
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