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Membership in a Cooperative

The Loop members have a direct voice in shaping policy, cost, and budget. Cost-savings realized by RDH are distributed directly to members. By showcasing the benefits of a not-for-profit cooperative, RDH has the potential become a key contributor to the growth of the City of Rochester including partnerships with local economic development agencies. The Loop can also serve as a useful marketing tool for attracting and retaining building tenants.

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Products & Services - FAQs

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about RDH and district steam heating.

Q: Will joining a district heating cooperative like RDH save me money?

A: Absolutely. By eliminating all costs of on-site boiler systems, your capital expenditures for heating will disappear. Also, because RDH is a cooperative, all members will receive equal distribution of cost savings in the form of cheaper heating production which leads to lower service rates.

Q: Who can become a member of The Loop?

A: Anyone geographically located within the RDH service area. Click here for a map of service availability. Members of The Loop represent all of the vast organizational types that call the City of Rochester their home. Universities, hospitals, libraries, corporations, restaurants, residential buildings, manufacturing facilities, small businesses, government buildings, religious institutions, and charities are just a few of the organizations that are proud to be members of The Loop.

Q: What type of contract or service plan must I agree to when becoming a member?

A: RDH offers all members a variety of flexible service plans. From annual full-time service contracts to temporary heating offerings, RDH offers service options to meet the needs of any organization.

Q: How is district heating different than utilizing on-site systems like boilers?

A: District heating requires no on-site equipment to deliver heat. All steam heat is produced in a central generation facility and delivered by an extensive infrastructure that is connected directly to any participating member's building. Because there is no on-site boiler to maintain, customers no longer need to worry about all of the associated costs and risks of owning equipment.

Q: Is RDH steam heat environmentally friendly?

A: Yes. RDH does not utilize coal-burning methods that are common to other operations. Plus, the elimination of many on-site boiler systems also improves the environment in and around the City of Rochester by decreasing emission-producing heating systems within the city's buildings. This means that the Rochester environment gets a little bit better with each new member of The Loop!

Q: How reliable is the RDH service?

A: RDH employs a staff of licensed professionals at its steam generation facility. Technicians work twenty four hours a day to ensure that service is never interrupted. Because RDH members no longer need maintenance-prone on-site boiler systems, operational problems like heat outages no longer exist!

Q: How do I know if my building is capable of receiving district heating service?

A: If you are within the RDH geographical service area, you can receive district heating service. Most buildings are already capable of instant service commencement. For those buildings with unique setup requirements, all it takes is an installation of required infrastructure which is usually cheaper than even a small boiler system!

Q: What about the ‘who’s-who?’ of membership?

A: The Loop is proud to represent Rochester’s finest institutions. Click here for a list of RDH members.

Q: Where do I sign up?

A: Click here for membership information.

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