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Membership in a Cooperative

The Loop members have a direct voice in shaping policy, cost, and budget. Cost-savings realized by RDH are distributed directly to members. By showcasing the benefits of a not-for-profit cooperative, RDH has the potential become a key contributor to the growth of the City of Rochester including partnerships with local economic development agencies. The Loop can also serve as a useful marketing tool for attracting and retaining building tenants.

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Products & Services - Overview

RDH provides service to its members by distributing clean steam heat to the City of Rochester.

Unmatched Reliability

RDH boasts an always-on team of licensed technicians who insure that there are no interruptions in service. Twenty-four hour operation of the centralized steam generation facility has given RDH a pristine reputation for avoiding service interruptions which can be common with other providers.

Affordable Service

The not-for-profit RDH service is consistently more cost-effective than other heating options because there are almost no capital expenditures associated with district heating. Since members of The Loop have a direct voice in the RDH cooperative, prices will always reflect the needs of the customer and are not driven by profit. Members consistently receive significant cost savings associated with RDH service.

Flexible Terms

Membership in The Loop is available in a variety of plans that reflect the diverse needs of the Rochester community. Service is offered full-time, temporary, standby, and even construction-centric to ensure that anyone within The Loop will benefit with membership.

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