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Membership is Cooperative

The Loop members have a direct voice in shaping policy, cost, and budget. Cost-savings realized by RDH are distributed directly to members. By showcasing the benefits of a not-for-profit cooperative, RDH has the potential become a key contributor to the growth of the City of Rochester including partnerships with local economic development agencies. The Loop can also serve as a useful marketing tool for attracting and retaining building tenants.

  Steam Heat
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Products & Services - Steam Heat

RDH provides service in the form of community-wide steam heat. Due to economies of scale in producing steam at a centralized facility, service rates remain highly competitive no matter what market conditions exist. District heating allows members of The Loop to avoid the ungainly costs associated with on-site boiler systems such as:

  • Up-front equipment
  • Staffing and operation costs
  • Maintenance and chemicals
  • Insurance
  • Electricity
  • Capital depreciation
  • Space requirements

Providing efficient steam heating is a surprisingly hassle-free operation. The centralized production of all heat leads to the availability of year-round steam for always-on heat service. A twenty-four hour staff of licensed professionals insure that there are absolutely no heat failures or emergencies.

RDH works to promote a quiet, clean environment for the City of Rochester. The steam generation facility does not burn dirty harmful materials like coal and is operated at peak efficiency by a staff that maintains a strong dedication to energy service performance.

Steam heat is not as susceptible to fluctuations in customer demand or uncertainties in the economy. Because steam heat is reliably produced and monitored by licensed professional engineers, customers are not inconvenienced by typical heat outages or erratic delivery due to the depreciating nature of alternative methods such as on-site boilers.

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