District energy systems such as RDH’s are able to serve a large number of buildings and institutions from a relatively small footprint.

Heating and cooling within cities account for up to half of local energy consumption. As part of the future of sustainable energy, district energy systems operate at higher efficiencies and with better pollution control than traditional boilers.

District energy systems offer many economic and environmental benefits:

  • District energy eliminates the capital costs and space required to buy and operate individual boilers in buildings
  • District energy reduces many of the operating and maintenance staff costs by eliminating the need for highly trained and licensed on-site maintenance and operating personnel, as well as annual maintenance contracts
  • District energy operates 24/7/365 with reliable, stable infrastructure, and has the proven ability to withstand major events such as earthquakes and severe weather without interruption
  • Buildings on district energy systems allow for variable energy use, from as little to as much as you need (within the system capacity)