RDH is Rochester’s only District Energy thermal source of energy with an advanced network of piping underneath the Center City. This piping allows members to connect to the RDH steam source without the need for on-site boilers. The centralized production of steam is backed by round-the-clock operation and maintenance, ensuring the availability of year-round steam and hot water.

RDH uses steam to self-generate in-plant electric and is well-positioned to support the expanding definition of Distributed Energy Resources under New York State's "Reforming the Energy Vision."

There are many benefits to District Energy steam and hot water sources; here are just a few:

  • District energy eliminates the capital costs and space required to buy and operate individual boilers in buildings
  • District energy reduces many of the operating and maintenance staff costs by eliminating the need for highly trained and licensed on-site maintenance and operating personnel, as well as annual maintenance contracts
  • District energy operates 24/7/365 with reliable, stable infrastructure, and has the proven ability to withstand major events such as earthquakes and severe weather without interruption
  • Buildings on district energy systems allow for variable energy use, from as little to as much as you need (within the system capacity)

RDH's district energy system produces steam from its newly modernized plant on Lawn Street and distributes steam through nine miles of piping in Rochester's Center City.