Our district energy system supplies cost-effective and reliable thermal energy to downtown Rochester, NY.

Our plant and distribution systems are built and operated with full redundancy that provides an extremely high level of reliability.

Steam Quality FDA grade high-purity steam
Steam Sales Capacity 200,000 Pounds Per Hour (Excluding Redundancy)
Plant Capacity Five boilers totaling 300,000 pounds per hour
Boilers Five total; three (3) 1986 Nebraska; two (2) 2017 English Boiler and Tube
Primary Fuel Natural Gas
Backup Fuel #2 Fuel Oil
Pressure 175 PSI System Distribution
Temperature 500°F to 600°F Superheat (depending on season)
Power Production 260 KW
Condensate Return >50% of sales returned back to central plant for reuse
Plant Efficiencies >90% due to extensive heat recovery equipment
Reliability >99.9% uptime
Distribution Over 9 miles of distribution piping with 85 manholes

Did You Know?

You'll spend 33% more in annual operating costs when operating an independent heating plant with commercial boiler inside your Rochester NY property. View Price Comparison