Enjoy the freedom and savings of a non-regulated, nonprofit thermal energy cooperative comprised of leading Rochester, NY property owners and developers.

Low Capital Investment

Standalone commercial boilers have to be able to deliver adequate heating on the very coldest days of winter, but most of the time that extra capacity goes unused. Not only will you end up buying a larger boiler and ancillary equipment, but it also won't be operating at optimal efficiency most weeks of the year.

A district energy system, on the other hand, operates at variable loads based on system demands - eliminating the hefty capital costs associated with the purchase and installation of an individual boiler for your property.

Lower Operating Costs

We keep it simple. You pay for steam, demand and connection costs - that's it.

By taking advantage of the Rochester district energy system, you'll have better control over your energy expenses.

  • Purchasing Power We leverage our strength as a group to secure the lowest possible natural gas prices.
  • No "Cost Plus" Because we are a non-profit, we pass the savings right back to our customers in the form of lower prices.
  • Unregulated We are not burdened by the Public Service Commission. Our customers set the rates.
  • Cooperative As we continue to add new customers, shared expenses are spread across a larger base - resulting in even greater savings for your business.

Economies of Scale

Going it alone is not efficient.

  • Bringing together multiple users with different energy needs yields economies of scale that standalone heating systems cannot.
  • Long term energy contracts protect our customers against fuel-price fluctuations no matter what the market conditions
  • Economies of scale allow us to invest in system enhancements and advanced cost-saving technologies benefiting all customers.

New Revenue Streams

Connecting your commercial property to the thermal district energy system frees up valuable space that can be turned into new spaces for retail or other commercial tenants. Leasing space that would otherwise be used to house heating equipment means that cost per square foot is replaced by revenue per square foot.

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